At today’s MA/RI Council meeting, we planned strategies and goals for the coming year. Chapters represented include Central Mass., Greater Boston, Miller’s River, Nor’East, Northern Rhode Island, and Pioneer Valley. An excellent working group that is both excited by and looking forward to the new year’s activities. New Council Chair, Paul Beaulieu (Pioneer Valley Chapter) is seated 3rd from right, new Vice-Chair, Fred Jennings (Nor’East chapter) is standing on the right, new Treasurer Horace Taft (Deerfield Watershed Chapter) is seated 5th from left, and new Secretary, Mike Vito (Deerfield Watershed Chapter) is seater 2nd from right. Next time you see these people at your local chapter functions, thank them for being your chapter’s representative and/or an officer on the Council. They work hard on behalf of cold water fisheries in our areas.