The Mass-RI Council of Trout Unlimited is a grassroots conservation organization dedicated to protect, reconnect, restore and sustain the region’s coldwater resources.

Part of the National Trout Unlimited organization, founded in 1959, the Mass-RI Council of Trout Unlimited is the unifying body region-wide, connecting more than 4,500 members spread among 13 chapters.

Through advocacy, education and partnerships with other statewide conservation organizations, the Mass-RI Council of Trout Unlimited works towards improving the ecological health of rivers and streams throughout the state.

Our motto, taken from one of Trout Unlimited’s founding members is, “If you take care of the fish, the fishing will take care of itself.”

2017 Council Officers

Mark Burton, Chairman

Paul Beaulieu, Vice Chairman

Garry Crago, National Leadership Council Representative

Fred Jennings, Secretary