Northern RI TU - First Cast Program

I started this program with NRI TU about 3 years ago and think its a great way for youth from ages 10 to 18 to interact with nature on a one to one scale. Put the kids in the water let them feel the water run through them and see how the water moves and how the ecosystem works. Show them the food cycle and how everything has a place and why its important to protect it. It was here for thousand of years before us in a short 300 or so years because of pollution and dams we have lost it all and now require hatchery's to supply us with non-native fish.

We can get it back as long as we can inform the youth that its worth saving because they will be the future of TU. The youth love the class and its just not tying flies, its casting and fishing. The class incorporates all the aspects of fly fishing. We have a young man who ties his own flies and last year we took him to the saltwater and he caught his fist Striper on a fly he tied... can you say anything else...but wow and its imprinted on him as well. All fly fishermen know that Fly fishing is more than fishing. I have been fishing my whole life but started fly fishing about 11 years ago. My first year I only caught one trout but I was hooked. My first rod was 35 dollars from OSJ. Now I have rods worth 100's dollars. I went from casting in the backyard in the snow to casting in the ocean. I own a 2 wt to a 14 ft spey rod. I fish for all fish from bluegill, trout as well as stripers.

When you pass it on to the kids you can see their eyes light up with excitement and a passion that we can use to help TU and the community as a whole to one day remove the dams and allow the rivers to breath again with Herring, Menhaden, Atlantic Salmon and Stripers.

.Peter Fox - Northern RI TU
Female Adams Black Ant Blue Dun Dark Cahill Olive Elk Hair Caddis The Irresistable

A trout on a fly, what a feeling.

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