Ballou Dam, Becket Nov. 2005After Ballou Dam Removal, Yokum Brook, Becket December 2006
For now, this is a specialized page for those that know the issues regarding a counter argument for changing regs of dam removals in MA. For lack of time to get the wording right, I'm leaving this a little vague for now. If you have more to share please send them along to Burns email
Regulatory Reform Draft Regulations for Public Comment
Wetlands, Waterways, and Water Quality Revisions - summary
310 CMR 9.00 - Waterways - Redline
Buzzards Bay Dam Removal
A Survey of Anadromous Fish Passage in Coastal Massachusetts - TR-15 Reback, K.E., P.D. Brady, K.D. McLauglin, and C.G. Milliken. 2004. A survey of anadromous fish passage in coastal Massachusetts
Part 1. Intro Narragansett Taunton Buzzards General Recs and Apps
Part 2. Intro Cape Cod Martha's Vineyard Nantucket General Recs and Apps
Part 3. Intro South Coastal General Recs and Apps
Part 4. Intro Boston Harbor North Shore Merrimack General Recs and Apps
Proposed changes to the Wetland Regulations
Diadromous Species Restoration Research Network - Please explore
Resources from DSRRN above - Check out
NOAA Fisheries Service - Ton of stuff - Please review
The River Herring Network
Search for beaver in many of these articles. Other good supportive info.
Recovery of cod along ME coast limited by reduced anadromous river herring populations?
Alewife Questions Abound in East Machias River ME Alewife Fact Sheet
The Historical Alewife Run on the Weweantic River to Carver Alewife Fact sheet
Can you find the stolen quote?
"The alewife spawns. . ."
Goose River ME Alewife Enhancement Project Important Role of Alewives Difficulty of Pygmy Alewife to Spawn
MA Div Marine Fisheries - Anadromous MA Dept FnG Technical Reports - <-- review
Third Herring Brook Dam Removal article
MA Estuaries Project Reports - 2003 - mostly Nitrogen studies
Embayment Restoration and Guidance for Implementation Strategies
Nitrogen Modeling to Support Watershed Management:Comparison of Approaches and Sensitivity Analysis
Site-Specific Nitrogen Thresholds for Southeastern Massachusetts Embayments: Critical Indicators
Maine’s Diadromous Fish Community: Past, Present, and Implications for Atlantic Salmon Recovery
Historical and Current Distribution and Abundance of the Anadromous Alewife (Alosa pseudoharengus) in the St Croix River
Nitrogen Attenuation Literature
Old Berkshire Mill Dam, Housatonic River, Dalton, prior to removal in 2000
After dam removal, Housatonic River, 2005
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