Single fly Saturday and Sunday @ Zoar Picnic Grounds, Rowe, MA

This is a two day catch and release event designed to be both fun and challenging for everyone from the novice to the advanced flyfisher. Each day the participant selects three copies of one specific fly pattern and hook size.

If you lose your third copy of the fly, your tournament fishing is over for that day (you are welcome to continue to fish – just don’t count the fish in your tally). The pattern for the second day must be distinctly different from the pattern for the first day. We encourage you to fish with a partner and be entered into the partners competition. Each participant will measure and tally his/her own catch. We are relying on the honesty of the fishermen in this regard (I know what you are thinking). The largest total length of trout in several categories will win awards.

For more information, download the program brochure.